klingon-shoesThis one’s for the real Trekies out there! However, for those of you who are looking at this and thinking “What the heck is a darsek?” read up on Klingons HERE.

I started this cartoon with only the name of the store in mind. In my head, the idea of a Klingon shoe store named Kahless Shoes (named of course for the legendary Kahless the Unforgetable) seemed hysterical. In case you don’t have one near you, there’s a Earth based shoe store chain called Payless Shoes where one can find a plethora of footwear at bargain prices.

So, there you have it my fellow Klingon-philes. I hope you enjoy this little cartoon while sipping a glass of Bloodwine and eating a big plate of Gagh! Kahplah’!


chewiecomb1You wouldn’t know it by watching the movies, but there’s a lot of down time in the smuggling game. Even when jumping to hyper-space, it can take hours if not days to hop from one star system to the next. Luckily if one has a Wookie copilot, there’s plenty of grooming that needs to be done to pass the time.

This one actually occurred to me while combing my daughter’s hair. At 18 months she’s nowhere near as hairy as Chewie here, however, she does get her share of snarls and tangles every now and again. Still, as Han proves, it could be worse!

notpregnantCome on, it’s an honest mistake, right?

Anger Management!

Click the image for the full bird salute. (not recommended for minors)

Yeah, sometimes I might have a teensy weensy little anger issue. I try to be good and contain my loathing for the insipid, pathetic piece of rancid pre-chewed bubble gum that is American Idol. I know millions of folks love it, and this is a free country, so as long as the show stays to itself and doesn’t bother me, I can coexist with it. But when Fox lets the show run long and push back first new episode of Fringe, a wonderful show that I now find myself addicted to, thereby causing my DVR to miss the last few minutes of the episode, well that’s when this geek looses it! I know it’s a deliberate punishment perpetrated by Fox on those of us who dare watch television programs when we want instead of when our wise and mighty Fox overlords decree we should. How dare us lowly peons skip past the advertisements that fill Rupert Murdoch’s pockets with piles of dirty money! It’s a little move like this that causes all that repressed anger at Fox for all the offenses against the geek community to boil to the surface. So, Fox, for canceling Firefly,you get THE FINGER! Canceling Drive? THE FINGER! Ben Affleck as Daredevil? THE FINGER! Brett Ratner directing X3? Big Ole FINGER! Getting your greedy little mitts on whatever Watchmen money there is even though you did nothing to make the film? GIANT BLUE FINGER! Dumbing down and neutering most of your action movies for the last decade? THE FINGER! For FOX NEWS, A Real American FINGER! And lastly, but not leastly, for running your vapid cheerleader/ golden child of a television “talent” show long and causing me to miss the last few minutes of Fringe on my DVR, you all get a huge double barreled helping of THE FINGER! F-U Fox!

shamwow-arakisOk, this one is for the real Sci-Fi fans out there. Here we have a prime example of where my brain goes when I happen upon corny infomercials. I thought about making the planetary reference “Tatooine” from Star Wars, but thought better of it. Star Wars gags are too easy, and since the desert planet concept was basically ripped off from Frank Herbert’s Dune, I thought, “Go for it, let your geek flag fly!” So there it is. An entire planet dried out by a giant “As-Seen-On-TV” chamois!

dewey-sketchHey, gang! Today my guest comic goes up for one of my favorite webcomics, Imagine THIS. Creator Lucas Turnbloom is taking a short break from the strip and called in a virtual “Who’s Who” of talented cartoonists to fill in. Why I’m included on the list of creators such as Dog Eat Doug‘s Brian Anderson, Brock Heasley of Super Fogeys, David Reddick from Legend of Bill, and many others is beyond me. I’m flattered to be on the list, though.

Up top is a sketch I did of Dewey the dim witted, but lovable toy dinosaur from Imagine THIS. Whenever I try my hand at someone else’s characters, I like to do a few character sketches to get the feel for them.

Below is the pencils for the first panel of the strip. Check out the whole finished product HERE.


tweetingAll this talk about Twitter and “tweeting” lately got me thinking about the possible harmful effects of “tweeting” all the time. Now, before you ask, I’m not on Twitter.com. Maybe someday, but right now, I need my precious eyesight.

ARTIST’S NOTE: I was going for a retro “Bazooka Joe” look on this one. What do you think?